Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review on Silenced by Dani Pettrey

Submerged, Shattered, Stranded and now Silenced- all title’s in Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage series and I must say that I have enjoyed each one as you get to know up close and personal the McKenna siblings and all the many suspenseful happenings in their lives. I have to say that I really was looking forward to this one as this time it was Kayden MeKenna’s turn. This is the McKenna  daughter who looked exactly like her mother, but ever since her death had remained  pretty closed off to those around her. The story opens with a bang as Kayden finds a dead body while she is out on one of her recreational rock climbs- so much for a relaxing rock climbing experience.  Kayden teams up with  former police detective Jake Westin (Cavanaugh) as he is coaxed out of retirement by newly appointed local Sheriff Landon Grainger - (Piper McKenna’s fiance’.) As this case unfolds and the two are working closely together to crack it we get a closer look at Jake’s  back story as well- a police detective with a sad story- a case gone wrong which ended the lives of his wife and their precious daughter, not yet born. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, a whole other mystery pops up, one which is very dangerous for both Kayden and Jake, but which also draws them closer and closer together. 

I have to say that this story begged the question- “what drives you?” If you think about it we are all driven by something- whether it be fear, guilt, revenge or love, and we get to choose what that might be. Our choices then dictate the course that we set ourselves on.  As the stories of Kayden and Jake come out more fully and even the “bad guy” of the story, it is a clear picture of what drives each character.  I feel it is very well done and so all those choices make sense  and play out well in the storyline . And so  for instance, we understand why Kayden is the way she is in terms of extreme self- discipline with her health etc., and  we get it why Jake’s has a  fierce protective side towards Kayden. And  so of course, that leads to why it makes total sense that Kayden and Jake are attracted to each other and how they help each other see that the thing that we should be driven by is a relationship with God, any other forces lead to ruin. The suspense part of the story, as usual is well played and you will find the pages turning faster and faster towards the end of the book as you reach the climax of the story. 

I am very glad to have discovered Dani Pettrey and have really enjoyed this series. I know that I will be among the many that will be greatly looking forward to the next book in the series- Sabotaged which tell’s Reef McKenna’s story, oh Spring of 2015, hurry up and get here! 

5 stars

I was graciously given a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review on Somebody like you by Beth K Vogt

We all love a good “hook” in a book don’t we? That storyline that’s just a little bit different from what you are used to reading and so it just captures your attention . And when your attention is captured, the pages turn quickly as you are fully engaged in the story.  And I would say that Somebody like you, Beth Vogt’s latest book had my attention captured and also had me fully engaged.  I mean it isn’t every day that a poor pregnant widow named Haley Ames has a man turn up on her doorstep looking exactly like her husband Sam and so she instantly wonders if the military got it wrong and her husband isn’t truly dead , only to find out that this man in front of her isn’t  Sam or his ghost, but rather his estranged twin brother…who she has never heard of.  And so Haley being thoroughly shocked and completely unprepared does what any of us would do-(insert heavy sarcasm here)  she draws a gun on poor Steven Ames, her husband’s brother, and proceeds to run him off her property.  How do you like that for a meet cute?

As if relationships are not difficult enough, let’s throw in a twin brother who looks exactly like your dead husband. Talk about your ghost of relationships past. But somehow as Steven keeps coming around in the effort to learn more about his estranged brother, he also happens to forge a relationship with Haley. And when he is there for her in the day to day things where she needs help with her house and her new baby, etc, a relationship is forged that is truly sort of fascinating to watch .  Haley discovers that while he looks just like Sam her dead husband, that he is a completely different person offering her exactly the type of love that she really needs.

This book is what I love in a good contemporary novel- it’s got the “hook” as mentioned above, it’s got imperfect characters who are trying to figure things out, fun dialogue between the character’s with laugh out loud moments as well as the moment’s that bring you to tears. And also the moment where you can see a bit of yourself in the story. The love story is unique and definitely  fun to read. And finally you see how the character’s grow in the story both in their relationship with each other and in their relationship in trusting God that His ways are not our ways, but He’s always got a plan.  Beth K Vogt is a new author to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed her writing and will look for her in the future.

4 stars

My thanks to Howard books who supplied a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.