Friday, April 22, 2011

Review on "Rooms" by James Rubart

Rooms: A NovelRooms: A Novel by James L. Rubart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What if you had the choice of choosing A) A life with prestige, fame, wealth and power or B) A life with a deep and meaningful relationship with God? What if you had the opportunity to wander back and forth between both lives and see the results of those choices? Pretty thought provoking stuff. James Rubart examines these ideas and many more in his book Rooms: A Novel.
Micah Taylor, a very successful up-and-comer Seattle based Software mogul, is put into a huge quandary. “Is the life I’m living really the life I want?” when he receives a mysterious letter from a deceased Great Uncle Archie. In this letter, his uncle has left him a rather large house built for him in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Having never met this Great Uncle, Micah is incredibly confused and rather skeptical that this offer can be real. “It’s time to face your past”, his Great Uncle writes him and that’s the last thing that Micah wants to do. But the mystery is too much, so Micah acquiesces and goes to check out the house. It is a house like no other and “face his past” he does, along with a great many other things in his life that need serious attention. The house was designed specifically for Micah and its quite a ride as he confronts many things in the ever-changing house. There are now choices to be made worldly success, or God- and he finds himself with one foot in both worlds. What would you choose?

Coming at this book from a Christian world view I found that James Rubart really raises so many truly intriguing questions in this book and takes Micah Taylor on quite a spiritual journey- one that we can all relate to. What are those things in our life that we have let pull us away from a deeper relationship with God? There are so many fascinating aspects to this story that I can’t fit it in to this review. I would encourage you to read it for yourself and just like the house in the story that was ever-changing , I suspect that each reader will take away something different that impacts them in a unique way. My only negative comment is I felt that the story got a little slow in the middle, but it truly is worth plowing through because the ending brings the whole story to a great conclusion. I will definitely keep reading this author and look forward to reading his next book “Book of Days”.

I was graciously provided a review copy of this book by B&H Books through the Netgalley program and the opinions I expressed were my own.

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