Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review on Hidden in Dreams

There is a reason that Davis Bunn is an award winning author with national bestsellers to his credit- he’s just plain good.  And not only is he good, he  is also diverse in his writing which is kind of fun as a reader to get different genres for the price of one.  In his new sequel to The Book of Dreams, Davis Bunn brings  Hidden in Dreams with the ever controversial Dr. Elena Burroughs once again at the center of things trying to pick up the pieces of her life that has somewhat spiraled out of control.  As she is trying to rebuild her professional reputation, heal from a romance gone wrong and move forward in her life, she finds herself in the middle of yet another controversy involving dreams.

  This time the controversy revolves around a nightmare that is very vivid and real and quite specific and is a warning in nature as several people around the globe are having the exact same dream.  Elena herself is one of the “dreamers” and a real sense of foreboding and the need to share the news with the world,  is present in every single person that dreams the dream.  As Elena is trying to follow God’s lead on the whole dream phenomenon and what it might mean, she learns a lot along the way, about who God is, how he operates and who exactly He has brought into her life and for what purpose- that’s a lot for a girl to learn!  Also present in this story is her arch nemesis Dr. Jacob Rawlings who all but ruined her professional reputation through a debate in which he dressed her down quite soundly with regards to her dream interpretation.  However because of his own journey and situation with a client having the “dream” he is forced to re-think his stand on dreams himself, and as a result in working together, the two forge a friendship.

This story was very interesting to read and its pacing was picture perfect as the mystery and different parts to the story unfold.  It was that book that kept you reading for sure to find out in the end what was going on and what it meant for all the people involved, end of the world stuff, or…?  Very well done.

If you enjoy a page turner with great characters, a spiritual journey and a bit of mystery, I think you should pick up Hidden in Dreams by Davis Bunn.  It’s a great read.

4 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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