Monday, April 4, 2011

The Map Across Time by C. S. Lakin

Map Across Time:Gates of Heaven SeriesMap Across Time:Gates of Heaven Series by C.S.Lakin

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The Map Across Time:Gates of Heaven Series is a fairy tale of the finest kind- full of adventure, intrigue and don't forget to throw in a little time travel! "The Map Across time" is C.S. Lakin's second offering in her "Gates of Heaven series". Her first being "The Wolf of Tebron", which I have also reviewed. Those who have read the first book will appreciate a lot of the background given in this book on the history of how the town of Tebron came to be, but you really can enjoy "The Map Across time" without having read "The Wolf of Tebron".

"The Map across Time" is a truly intricate tale about 2 twins-Aletha and Adin, prince and princess of Sherbourne with many sad predicaments in their kingdom, a dying Queen mother, a completely distracted and greed driven King father, and a dreadful curse that is taking over the kingdom in destructive and all encompassing ways. Adin needs to take a trek across time and return to the past to try and correct mistakes made there, in order to lift the curse that is systematically destroying the Kingdom. Aletha's bond to her twin brother is strong and she finds a way to follow him into the past to help lift the curse. Along the way there are many that help them and a talking pig Winston was one of my favorites.

There are many great proverbs and scripture woven into the story in a really delightful way. The author also used the Old language or law'az, better known as the author puts it as "a liberal derivation of ancient Hebrew". As a tip to the reader, there is a glossary in the back to help with defintions- I just kept a bookmark there for easy reference, but most of the time the context would help you figure out what the word meant.

Yes, I was a lover of Fairy tales as a little girl and this grown up version is just as satisfying as the tales of old. It truly is a wonderful read and I am adding C. S. Lakin to my favorite author's list. Loved it!

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