Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review on "Song of Redemption" by Lynn Austin

Song of Redemption (Chronicles of the Kings #2)Song of Redemption by Lynn Austin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"The Song of Redemption", the second offering in the "Chronicles of the Kings" series by Lynn Austin breathes life into the continuing saga of the reign of King Hezekiah. I don't know that I thought that I would have enjoyed these books as much as I have, but I will absolutely keep reading this series as Lynn Austin truly does a wonderful job bringing her characters to life with a fast paced tale.

King Hezekiah is truly beginning his reign and learning what it is to be a King who honors and follows the way of Yahweh and how that plays out. This presents itself in choosing to have one wife, instead of a harem and choosing to have faith in God over fear of the Assyrian's constant threat of attack. Always Lynn weaves in the character's struggles and crisis of faith in a very moving and realistic way. A new character that we meet in this book is Jerusha- her heartbreaking tale is really a page turner as she is a beautiful girl taken and enslaved by the vile Assyrian army on one of their raids through her small town. We learn how she is able to survive her captivity and live to tell about it, truly a survivors story.

I particularly find interesting in this book the very real havoc that idol worship had in this day and age and just how vile and twisted it was in that culture. It is a very thought provoking look to ask ourselves, "what idols do we have today in our own lives that maybe we donh't recognize?". I highly recommend this book and will definitely finish out the series.

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